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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Children of women

Seems funny, but the film I'm reviewing here, 'Children of Men' is not in fact about men having children! That's right, but it is a smart contemporary sci-fi film about Women not having children, and then one who does. You might normally think that the terms 'contemporary' and 'sci-fi' don't match, but director Alfonso Cuaron (responsible for the absolute highlight of the Harry Potter series, 'Prisoner of Azkaban', as well as some darker Mexican films) has really mastered this strange juxtaposition.

Its England, around 2027. The place is now a police state overun by immigrants, and the youngest person in the world has just died. That's right, no one's had kids for 18 or so years. I will say no more on the storyline, except to say it really pulls out thru allegory some of the themes facing Britian and western countries right now, like illegal immigrants and the rise of a 'big brother' state.

Top acting from Micheal Caine and Clive Owen keep things very believable, as does the blistering camera work this film is known for - several continuous, multi-minute shots that stick like glue to the characters thru warzones and harrowing gang attacks. 8/10 my friends.

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