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Saturday, December 31, 2005

the little world of don camillo

the little world of don camillo, by giovanni guareschi

this is a classic work of italian fiction from the post-war period. don camillo is a catholic priest who goes head to head with the communist mayor, peppone. both characters are rogues who try to outsmart each other for the benefit of the church and the communist party.

the book has great humour and is really a rather cunning insight into human nature. don camillo has constant conversations with God, and these also provide some interesting insights.

this seems to be a very good translation and is very easy to read. i think it would make an excellent movie, and apparently it has been done a couple of times - the original italian one receiving the best reviews. it was done more recently in the 80s, but methinks some talented movie maker needs to pick this one up again and do it properly.

very worth reading.

on the headphones: 'verona' by elemeno p (wow, there is actually a slight link there), from the album 'love and disrespect'.

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