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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


ss-gb, by len deighton

and now, for something completely different. in need of a little light relief, i read this novel that anna picked up at an op-shop for a few cents.

len deighton is actually quite an established author and is known for meticulous research.

anyway, the interesting thing about this book is that it is set in great britain after it has fallen to the nazis in ww2. it is the story of a scotland yard detective who finds himself working for the ss police and trying to solve a murder that leads to all kinds of intrigue involving nuclear weapons development and falling in love with a leggy blond american journalist (as you do).

it ended up being a little bit too much of a murder mystery for me, and seemed to end quite quickly, the events not having the kind of impact you would expect them to. but nevertheless, i did get the entertainment i was looking for and the setting and premise was interesting. i suspect i'll end up reading more len deighton in the future - not least of all because i can see another four of his books sitting on the shelf here - they are very easy to come by for very cheap.

on the headphones: 'planet telex (hexidecimal mix)' by radiohead, from the 'high and dry' single.

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