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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Review: Being 32

[I just turned 32, so thought perhaps I could contribute to intraspace best by starting with something ultra-personal.]

Now that I stop and think about it, 32 does actually feel different. Its taken a couple of years obviously, and I honestly thought there was no such thing as a 30's 'feeling'. Let me explain. I've always believed in mind over matter, being able to choose ones attitude to oneself. After all, why get carried away with random emotoins when one can pick and choose? So to admit that forces not of my choosing may be shaping my life is a big step.

At age 32, you really probably have done a few things. You've got at least one of the major things you'd always wanted. Probably more. And this feels fulfilling, not totaly empty as full blown materialism does, but good, ok even. Maybe you've travelled, had girlfriends, got married, experienced highs and lows and actually got a bit of a grip on what life is like. Life as an adult I mean. its a time when you've nearly lived more years as an adult than as a child. You really do start to look forward a bit more - with a better idea of what should fill the next years. you know at lesat what you don't want ahead, as opposed to hoping you do.

At 32, all this certainty for the first time starts to feel like not a bad thing. Having things locked down, being locked down strangely is ok, even preferrable. Seeing as 40 is the new 30, you have many years left before needing that sportscar or toyboy. This is perhaps the beginning of the best years of your life, for even when challenges come, your relative youth, developing wisdom and financial stabilty will stand you in good stead.

So, at age 32, let's not forget to be proud, but to watch out for pride. And please feel free to give or take a few years when reading '32' in this post.
- So say we all, J

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