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Friday, June 15, 2007

Aspiring Modern Creature

(a commentry on being white, male, middle class, a father-to-be, geeky, and laid up after having wisdom teeth out)

In bath with iceburgs in one's cheeks.
A pause to mourn two unborn teeth,
a loss of wisdom, but in
a space-saving decision,
they had to come out.
For a few days I'm a vegetable
-eating pain in the ass,
a swollen headrive,
not talking, not contributing

Warm water love comes my way,
sympathy from one tap with
biotics from the other.
Around are surroundings honed to fit
this house, this peaceful place of us
with connections & screens, decks & views,
Chopin and Augie, BBC and Jerry.

I celebrate our bump, I plan, compose, aspire,
sleep, listen, rinse, play with icecream
good is bad:
in pain but get paid to rest it off
laid low but have the earth
& promises of heaven besides.
Others are washed away, or deserted by f*#%!^ up husbands,
disabled by age, or killed for not denouncing.

Blender starts & brings me out of this.
If you've been hesitating getting yours out,
& can count on the love of a good woman,
then book in today!
Winter is the time for soup -
This is me keeping you all in the loop.

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