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Sunday, July 22, 2007


this is honestly one of the best action/special fx movies i've seen. lance and i headed out to see it a week ago. lance was making a last-minute pre-natal social foray - translated: he's expecting the birth of his second child any day now.

'transformers' is full of action, with very convincing special fx. as you'd expect it has a few cheesy lines, but what surprised me was how amusing parts of it were as well.

lance totally loved this movie, being an original transformers fan and something of a petrol head (car chases and robots!). here's what he had to say about the film:

i thoroughly enjoyed the movie.very good casting, with the two young leads holding their own for the length of the film, with other more experienced actors seemingly playing support roles.

i thought this was a good "re-make" even though it was nothing like the original animated Transformers film, and few key characters did not resemble their original vehicles.

The effects and fight scenes were very entertaining, and the dialogue retained the essence of the 80s Transformers, Good prevails over Evil, and the Transformers are (for some reason) eager to preserve humanity.

I personally LOVED the cars, the old Camaro seemed a great casting for 'BumbleBee' and Optimus Prime's Big Rig featured a stylie modern paint job. Chevy USA obviously threw a bit of weight into the film which gave a bit of 'bling' (for lack of a better word) with a number of Black & Chrome SUV's, trucks, and I even spied a yellow Holden Monaro (badged a Pontiac GTO in USA).

So in summary I loved it, great cars, great cast, fun action film that you actually can take your kids to.

on the headphones: 'never' by terranova, from the album 'b-sides and remixes'.

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